Welcome to pfgoptics.com, the official website of PFG Precision Optics. At PFG Precision Optics our first priority has always focused on advancing technical competence to provide superior optical products to our customers. We produce a broad offering of very high precision spherical and flat optics, together with an extensive variety of durable long lifetime thin film coatings and opto-mechanical assemblies. Historically our core strength has been production of visible and shortwave infra-red optics for the defense, semiconductor, medical, scientific and test & measurement industries. In recent years our competencies have broadened into the deep UV and out to the mid-wave IR wavelengths.


We offer a wide selection of high precision lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, filters, polarizers and beamsplitters, coated and assembled to your specifications.


We have the equipment, tooling, metrology and experienced opticians to reliably supply you with high quality custom optics when you need them.


At PFG we earn your business by performing at a consistently high level, providing extensive capabilities, studied solutions and conscientious service.

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