Manufacturing precision optics is a very precise business that involves computer-controlled polishing machines. While manufacturing processes have changed over the precision optics manufacturingyears and automation has largely replaced the traditional craftsman-style optician.

PFG Optics has been manufacturing optics for over three generations. Throughout its history, PFG has built an exceptional reputation for manufacturing and coating very high quality, difficult to manufacture, precision optical components. The company is committed to the continual improvement and expansion of its manufacturing capability to be a more complete solution to its customers. Manufacturing capability, combined with an energetic dedication to customer service, has been the key to the company’s success.

The work at PFG Optics is unique and specialized, and requires the hands-on experience. PFG offers challenges every day with a variety of unique and intriguing projects. PFG precision optics manufacturing is in constant demand keeps him engaged. We specialize in small precise optics to very large government projects.

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