Imaging Optics

Imaging Optics ManufacturingImaging Optics

Optical imaging describes various imaging techniques using visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light used in imaging.

Because light is an electromagnetic wave, similar phenomena occur in X-rays, microwaves, radio waves.

Imaging Optics are used to view objects in a variety of industries and vastly in the medical field. Imaging Optics are used in imaging systems to focus an image of an examined object onto a camera sensor. Imaging Lenses can be used to remove any altering error or provide adjustable magnifications, focal lengths, or field of view. Imaging Optics allow an object to be viewed in several ways to illustrate certain features or characteristics.

PFG Optics in-house engineering, manufacturing, and quality expertise, PFG designs products that transfer seamlessly to our production process.  In doing so, we avoid common pitfalls of working with disparate design firms and contract manufacturers, giving you the benefit of:

  • Shorter time to market
  • Cost effective design
  • Responsive product development

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Precision Optical Components

At PFG Precision Optics our first priority has always focused on advancing technical competence to provide superior precision optical components to our customers. We produce a broad offering of very high precision spherical and flat optics, together with an extensive variety of durable long lifetime thin film coatings and opto-mechanical assemblies. Historically our core strength has been production of visible and shortwave infra-red optics for the defense, semiconductor, medical, scientific and test & measurement industries. In recent years our competencies have broadened into the deep UV and out to the mid-wave IR wavelengths.

Our capability is not just the equipment and tooling we have but it’s also what our engineers and operators can do with that equipment – coating, fabrication and metrology. At PFG we have extensive equipment that allows us to produce the variety of high precision optical components our customers need. Our technicians use mills, grinders, spindle polishers, double sided polishers; CNC mills, polishers and edgers; MRF polishing, automated cleaning equipment, e-beam and IAD coaters, spectrophotometers and interferometers.

precision optical components

defense optical components

Defense Optics

Manufacturing Defense Optics to not be seendefense optics

PFG Optics has been manufacturing Defense Optics for many years. There is a wide range of defense optics including:

  • Infrared filters for soldiers to use tactical illumination in combination with night vision.
  • Laser optics used in high energy applications such as nuclear defense.
  • Night vision optics
  • Variety of lenses such as aspherical and other high-quality that reduce weight and used in surveillance devices
  • Optical glass for fingerprint and retinal scanning devices
  • Anti-reflective coatings for any optic without compromising performance

Defense Optics are ideal for integration into a variety of applications within the defense or security industries. Defense Optics consists of a wide range of optical components, such as optical lenses, laser windows, laser prisms, or optical testing tools.

PFG Optics offers custom precision optical components. PFG Lenses are available in a range of substrates or with a variety of anti-reflection coating options. PFG Prisms are designed to reflect light at fixed angles. PFG Beamsplitters are designed to split incident light into two beams, determined by wavelength, intensity, or polarization state.

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