Ultraviolet Optics

Ultraviolet optics utilize specific substrates, anti-reflection coatings, or a combination of them to maintain performance, ultraviolet application is important to the success of your set up. Shorter wavelengths, any pitting, imperfections or coating impurities on ultraviolet opticsthe optical surface may form a concentration of optical power creating a hot spot on the optic. Depending on your application and how far you are into the Ultraviolet wavelengths, quality, cleanliness, and special packaging requirements are key considerations.

Proper manufacturing and cleanliness are required to make the best UV optics possible. If improper grinding or polishing techniques are used, there is a potential for the substrate to have higher micro-roughness  The visual inspection of the substrate surfaces may look good, but when UV coatings are applied, a typical outcome is grazing or micro-fractures in the coating. Typically the blame is put on the quality of the coating but in many cases, substrate preparation is critical for good coating adherence. Contact PFG Optics for extensive experience in manufacturing, cleanliness, coating technology, packaging and proper handling of UV lenses.

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Polarizer Coatings

We offer a wide selection of products, including: high precision lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, filters, polarizers and beamsplitters, coated and assembled to your specifications.

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Polarizers – Polarizer Coatings

Through stringent polishing and coating process parameters, PFG is able to produce thin film cube or plate polarizers that deliver an impressive combination of high extinction ratio, high damage threshold, low loss, excellent mechanical durability and long operational lifetime. We produce a variety of polarizers in the ultraviolet, visible and mid-wave IR wavelengths with many split ratios.

Human eyes have no ability to perceive the polarization of light. Also, the most of the optical detectors do not carry sensitivity of the polarization. For this reason, filters that selectively transmit the light with specific polarization or optics that can change the polarization state become necessary. Custom designs need not be more expensive than standard coatings. In many cases a simple modification to a standard coating design can greatly enhance performance on your specific application at little or no additional cost. Sometimes, however, applications require new and innovative coating designs to meet the task.

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Custom Optical Wedges

Custom Optical Wedges & Prisms – PFG Optics

The term “optical wedge” refers to any shallow angle between two plane surfaces of a window. This wedge may range from a few millionths of a degree of perfect parallelism to as much as three degrees of angle. Even though high-precision optics, such as optical Custom Optical Wedgesflats, may be lapped and polished to extremely high levels of parallelism, nearly all optics with parallel faces have some slight wedge. This margin of error is usually listed in minutes or seconds of arc. Windows manufactured with an intentional wedge are often referred to as wedge prisms, and typically come with wedge angles of one, two, or three degrees. Many applications exist for optical wedges, including laser-beam steering, rangefinding and variable focusing. Wedge prisms can be used individually to deviate a laser beam a set angle, or two wedge prisms can be used together for beam steering applications.

Custom optical wedges are used to reflect or refract light at precise angles, our prisms and wedges are made from any optical glass, filter glass or fused silica and can be coated to your exact specifications.


PFG Optics is a custom manufacturer of precision flat-surfaced, parallel and custom optical wedges specializing in optics polishing, continuous pad & pitch polishing, CNC machining and laser machining. High volume to prototype products include wafers, windows, filters, mirrors, optical flats, wedge prisms, light pipes, plate beamsplitters, and coatings.