laser optics

Laser Optics

Laser Optics are optical components designed for use with lasers or within laser systems. Laser Optics manufacturing often feature damage thresholds that are compatible laser optic manufacturingwith certain laser types. Laser Optics utilize specific substrates, coatings, or a combination of the two to achieve high performance at designated laser wavelengths. Laser Optics includes optical components such as optical lenses, optical filters, optical windows, or mirrors that have been optimized for transmitting or reflecting lasers.

Laser Optics are utilized across automotive, commercial, medical and military industries.

PFG has specialized in manufacturing standard and custom laser optics for many generations. Optimized for all the most common laser systems including CO2, Fiber, PFG coating technology assures the highest damage thresholds and transmission. Laser optics include focusing lenses, high power and super flat mirrors, protective windows, output couplers, and high damage threshold coatings.



UV Optics

UV optics utilize specific substrates, anti-reflection coatings, or a combination of them to maintain performance, ultraviolet application is important to the success of your set up. Shorter wavelengths, any pitting, imperfections or coating impurities on the optical uv optics manufacturersurface may form a concentration of optical power creating a hot spot on the optic. Depending on your application and how far you are into the UV wavelengths, quality, cleanliness, and special packaging requirements are key considerations.

Proper manufacturing and cleanliness are required to make the best UV optics possible. If improper grinding or polishing techniques are used, there is a potential for the substrate to have higher micro-roughness  The visual inspection of the substrate surfaces may look good, but when UV coatings are applied, a typical outcome is grazing or micro-fractures in the coating. Typically the blame is put on the quality of the coating but in many cases, substrate preparation is critical for good coating adherence. Contact PFG Optics for extensive experience in manufacturing, cleanliness, coating technology, packaging and proper handling of UV lenses.