To satisfy our customers and ourselves through continual improvement of the processes we own.


To consistently impress our customers, to have people who truly enjoy what they do, and to have leadership which is committed to individual and corporate achievement.


  • Quality  #1 reason our customers do business with us… year in, year out.
  • Precision  Defines us… from the type of optics we make to how we must think and act to make them. And with us, it’s continuous… pushing ourselves to do better, to excel.
  • Integrity  We do what we say and we always get the job done! We are consistent in our actions, methods, measures, principles, expectations and results.
  • Hard Work  A minimum requirement of ourselves… it’s our fuel for success.
  • Respectful  The proper treatment of our customers, employees and suppliers for the value they create in the Company.
  • Fair Minded  The right way to deal with one another so that we all achieve long term success.



Our physical plant comprises a renovated 30,000 sq.ft. facility on 4 acres located in Ocean Springs, Miss. Since the building was acquired there have been continuous improvements and upgrades made, along with stringent routine maintenance. The renovation included mechanical systems in the coating department upgrading the area to a class 1000 level clean room with particulate counts typically measuring less than 300.



Current management represents the third generation in precision optics. Maternal grandfather, Fred Ferson founded Ferson Optics in the nineteen forties stemming from a hobby of amateur telescope making. That company achieved impressive growth and after more than two decades of operation it was sold to Bausch & Lomb in the late sixties. With Ferson Optics changing its strategic focus after the acquisition by BOL, PFG Precision Optics was launched almost a decade later when husband and wife, Don and Janet Green established the company together with John Plummer, founder of Plummer Precision Optics in Pennsburg, Penn.

PFG was initially located in a 10,000 square foot building. The company began with only five employees, polishing and coating equipment refurbished and put into service, and a few faithful past customers. Examples of parts initially manufactured by PFG were rifle scope lenses for Burris and diagonal mirrors for Edmund Optics. Some of the military-related optics produced at the time included submarine periscope optics, precision windows for the M1 tank and tank fire control optics. Important business in the mid-eighties was large truncated lenses for Tullahoma Precision Engineering.

To accommodate the growth and provide for the future expansion, the current facility was acquired in the late eighties. During this period and into the early nineties Cruise missile guidance system optics were produced for Hughes Optical Products and later in the nineties large production quantities of penta-mirrors and pentaprisms were produced for Spectra Physics. PFG also began to manufacture components for semiconductor wafer fabrication, reticule inspection, as well as telecommunication fiber optic network equipment.

The new millennium brought record sales and profits benefiting from the confluence of growth in the semiconductor, telecommunications and defense markets. In 2004 PFG obtained its ISO 9001:2000 certification and continues to be fervently dedicated to ever improving its quality management system. Medical, scan lens and test & measurement optics represented a steadily increasing percentage of production during the mid-to-late part of the first decade of the 2000s. In 2008 PFG began its tireless journey of implementing Lean principles throughout the organization. In 2009 capabilities broadened into polishing infrared materials and coating out to the mid-wave IR wavelengths. In 2011 PFG acquired Alpine Research Optics (ARO) located in Boulder, Colorado, an industry leader in UV and laser optic coatings. The acquisition broadened and diversified the customer base.

Throughout its history, PFG has built an exceptional reputation for manufacturing and coating very high quality, difficult to manufacture, precision optical components. The company is committed to the continual improvement and expansion of its manufacturing capability to be a more complete solution to its customers. Manufacturing capability, combined with an energetic dedication to customer service, has been the key to the company’s success.

Certifications & Compliance

iso certification


PFG provides precision optics and coatings for a wide variety of applications. Our prime markets have been:

Scientific equipment
Test & Measurement
Government Agencies, National Laboratories, and Defense

These are not an easy group of customers to please. Paramount to them is the fundamental principle of dictum meum pactum. This translates to high precision optics as specified, delivered when agreed with good communication. We reliably provide them with prototype to mid-level production quantities.


We are always looking for exceptional individuals who are smart, self-motivated and career-oriented. If you are currently working in the optics industry, or if you have experience in a similar high technology manufacturing industry, please contact us. You can send your resume in confidence to

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        We are proud to be long time supporting members of the following organizations:

        The Optical Society
        American Precision Optics Manufacturers Association