Laser Optics are optical components designed for use with lasers or within laser systems. Laser Optics manufacturing often feature damage thresholds that are compatible with certain laser types. Laser Optics ManufacturingLaser Optics utilize specific substrates, coatings, or a combination of the two to achieve high performance at designated laser wavelengths. Laser Optics includes optical components such as optical lenses, optical filters, optical windows, or mirrors that have been optimized for transmitting or reflecting lasers.

Laser Optics are utilized across automotive, commercial, medical and military industries.

PFG has specialized in manufacturing standard and custom laser optics for many generations. Optimized for all the most common laser systems including CO2, Fiber, PFG coating technology assures the highest damage thresholds and transmission. Laser optics include focusing lenses, high power and super flat mirrors, protective windows, output couplers, and high damage threshold coatings.